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Thursday, March 27, 2014

FAB INDIA haldi chandan mud pack

Hi, yup back with a mud review, jokes apart ,mud pack have a great attraction all around the world , mud wraps for body are also well raved about. But here in this post I am talking about a face mud pack by FABINDIA. It's called the haldi chandan pack. Since times immemorial ,haldi(turmeric) and chandan(sandalwood) have been known to soothe and calm sensitive acne-prone skin while the later chandan cools the skin ,imparts smooth texture and improves skin tone.
Though this pack has only the sandalwood fragrance , it does have its effect on skin. Read on to know the good effects of this pack.

Product: FABINDIA haldi chandan mud pack
Product type: Face Pack
Product price: 225 INR for 100 ml.

My review on the product fabindia haldi chandan pack:

Fabindia has some very good commendable products. And one of the best product is this ready to use pack. This pack comes in a small plastic jar. The mud pack has a very fine creamy consistency which runs smooth while applying on the face. Has a beautiful sandalwood colour and smells divine.
About a tablespoon  of this pack must be enough for one time application. The wide mouth of the bottle make it easy for taking the product out. Though one has to use a spoon to take the product out , just for hygiene.
I have been a freak about natural ingredient mud pack. They so suit my dry skin.
This particular pack is based in Multani mitti (fullers earth) which has loads of goodness for any type of skin. This also has almond oil in it which make this product a sure favorite. Almonds are such well wishers for dry skin and soothe it from feeling stretchy.
With such amazing ingredients in this pack ,its sure to give you a uplifted look and clean content skin, clearing complexion.
Though other preserving ingredients like parabens might not interest a few. But good news is there still no authentic and pakka report that parabens cause invariable side effects. So I guess once in a week/month application of this pack can only give beautiful skin and no bad effects what so ever .
This pack is something that am using every Sunday ,cause it's so easy to use, and completely mess free. I apply this and happily do my work .Absolutely no worry of dripping.
How I use this product:
1.Cleanse my face with some milk and cream.
2.Scrub my face for a few seconds with BIOTIQUE SMOOTHING & REVITALIZING SCRUB which I will review.
3.Tap skin with dry towel
4.Apply a thick coat of this pack. Leave for 15 minutes and wash with normal water.

1.Use of natural extracts.
2.Godness of turmeric, almond, sandalwood and fullers earth.
3.Amazingly clears complexion.
4.Ready to use face pack ,no mess of mixing anything

1.Presence of Parabens, a drawback to few.

Would I recommend this product post my review? Yes of course who wouldn't want clear complexion!

Would I buy this product again ? Might as well want to try other packs and get back to this.