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Tuesday, January 31, 2017

Himalaya MOM's Soothing Body Butter Lavender.

Its been a long time since my last post and yes I have been busy with "motherhood".Its a baby girl this time and super happy to have this bundle of joy in our family. My husband badly wanted a girl this time, and yes God did hear to him , made his wish come true. And as its my second pregnancy, I was more keen on products that help firming and toning of skin.With my exploration of the web for massage oil that help me, I stumbled on this Himalaya body butter for moms.,It really caught me and with winter surprisingly lasting little  longer than usual in this part of the world, Visakhaptnam, I needed some body butter to help my dry skin. With no second thoughts I picked this up from my local Himalaya store. There is also Rose fragrance in this line of Body butter,but lavender lured me.

Product type:Body Butter
Product price: 320 INR

My review of the "Himalaya MOM's Soothing  Body Butter Lavender."

This body butter comes in various sizes though I got it in 200 ml jar.You can opt for smaller sizes too.
Packaging is usual in a plastic jar, withe screw cap.I have been using this for the past one week and its is really good. It has a really mild , soothing lavender smell and helps relax once your out from shower.Somehow post delivery skin has become really dry and this body butter really help to smooth the skin and hydrate it well. Though if you have very dry skin , this might not really do the job.
Since this is good quantity , this will last me long !
The good news is this is without parabens, Oh! My little one is crying , I'll be back soon with another post, lots of review lined up !!
See you soon

Do comment whats your go to product as a new mom ?

Monday, October 17, 2016

Lakme Iluminating shimmer bricks -PINK

Hi , its been a really long time since my last post as I haven't  been keeping well ! So here comes a refreshing new product by Lakme which is sure to thrill you! The moment I saw this I knew I had to get it !
I was actually looking for the Moon lit highlighter by Lakme to be back in stock when I stumbled on this product ! I can vouch for the make up line by Lakme as they specifically suit the Indian skins and features ! Be it their kohl, liners, highlighter, eye quads, one can never go wrong with these.
Today am I going to review Iluminating shimmer brick by Lakme in the shaded Pink, which is a blush pallete. Also there is this print on the box which says LIMITED Sabyasachi Edition., but not too sure how the availability will fair in future.

Product Type:Blush Platte /Highlighter
Product Price: Bought for 725 INR (Can buy here here.)
My skin tone : NC 41-42

My Review of the product :

This blush pallet is a new launch of the illuminating range.Comes in a cute black round pallet , typical of the LAKME Absolute range with a see trough lid.This doesn't come with its own brush or anything of that sort ;which I do not see as a shortcoming as none would really use a brush that ever., in case comes with these.There are two shades in this range under the name PINK and CORAL .Here I have reviewed the blush palette in PINK.

Add caption

There are a combination of four different colours in this blush palette with a very nice golden sheen to the colours. Pallet includes a shimmery pink , a goldeny beige creme colour , a nice golden brown and a iridescent baby pink colour , perfect for Indian skins and doesn't look loaded when used together or individually.

Swirl together for a beautiful blush of colour or individually. I have used them individually to give a contoured look, for which I used the third brown colour from top.,as contour on my cheeks , first pink on my cheeks and the fourth iridescent colour as highlighter and the second colour from top as brow highlighter and wow worked so well.

This one is a must have if you are beginner or a pro, so well suits Asian /Indian skin tones, that no one can go wrong with this one.Perfect for this festive season.

Do you have this in your kitty ? Please leave your thoughts in the comment section below....x0x0

Wednesday, April 2, 2014


AVON ,its no new name to us,yeah its popular all over the world and yes I am a consultant too.I love being one.This is one amazing brand of direct selling.I love a lot of products by them.But here in this post I would be discussing about their economical line of products called the "Simply Pretty".And most popular are the two lip products/lip sticks that stand more worth to me for the price.Of the amazing line of colours ,I loved these two instantaneously.Read on to know more about the two cuties.
Product Type:Lipstick
Product: AVON SIMPLY PRETTY in Truffle and Amethyst
Product Price: 2 for 249 INR.

Review of Avon Simply Pretty in Truffle and Amethyst @ Tickled Tinker.

I never thought these would be so good for the price.But these are par excellent.These come in violet plastic casing just like any twist up lipstick.Yeah look pretty in your stash too, who does not want a little colour in their life.Ok that apart the lipstick works smoothly on lips and one swipe is pretty good for descent pay off of the colour .For a bit more intense colour you might want to do two more swipes.It has no bright odd glitter but a good right kind of sheen brought by micro glitter.Stays pretty long,long enough until your done with your party!!

This is a peachy orange colour that brightens the face.This is a super good colour for fair to medium to medium deep skin tones.

Have you seen the natural stone Amethyst and its myriad colours?? Yup you will certainly find this shade.
Another beautiful purplish pink great for most Indian skin tones.

1.Great colour pay off.
2.Easy on the purse.
3.Long stay.

Naah none.

Would I recommend this product to anyone? YES YES
Would I buy this again? Truffle ,yes yes

Thursday, March 27, 2014

BIOTIQUE BIO PAPAYA Revitalising Tan-Removing Scrub for all skin types

Today I am reviewing a product from my most loved brand Biotique.This one is called Biotique Papaya Revitalising and smoothing scrub.Scrubs are so important in any girls or for that matter of fact Mens vanity too.The work that a scrub does cannot be replaced by any other product.Now that said ,it's imperative that scrubs are creamy and not too harsh and grainy in texture.Although scrubbing is important for skin , facial skin needs great attention while using any scrub.Facial skin is very very delicate and thus be taken care of in the most gentlest manner.Whenever a scrub is used ,make sure you rub it gently,i mean very gently  in small circular motions.This way it cleans,buffs and removes skin tan without disturbing the layers and their glands .Thus the optimum condition of skin is maintained.

Product :Biotique BIO  Papaya Revitalising Tan-removing Scrub
Product Type : Facial scrub
Product price: 199 for 85gms.

Ingredients:Papita (Carica papaya), Kela (Musa sapientum), Khajoor (Phoenix dactylifera), Neem (Melia azadiradrachita), Methi (Trgonelia foenum graecum), Yasad bhasm (Zincum), Ban haldi (Curcuma aromatica), Aam beej (Magnifela indica), Bees wax, Gun acacia (Acacia arabica), Moongphali (Archis hypogea), Himalayan water Q.S.

My review of the product goes like  this...
This scrub comes in a plastic green coloured jar bottle.You have to use your fingers to dip into the product which a few might not like.The scrub is pale yellow in colour ,something akin to the colour of a muskmelon.More creamy but not runny and less grainy which means less harsh and less damage to skin.The bottle says that it can be used daily , but I don't need to because currently I stay home most of time .

 My skin is dry and yes I keep applying skin moisturises which make my skin attract more dirt.Thus scrubbing is a quintessential process once in every week if I am just staying home.And come summer my sensitive skin gets tanned easily.And much obviously Biotique attracted me the most for its more a therapeutic product than a cosmetic one.The ingredients are all natural and less grainy to feels and runs smoothly on the face.But you might want to wet your face before using any scrub which is a super good practise.Papaya as a fruit is rich in minerals and help in revitalising skin also helps in maintaining skin and also helps delay aging process.Apart from this the other ingredients together with papaya help in removing the tan accumulated on skin revealing a beautiful glowing skin.

1.A therapeutic product.
2.Has natural and safe ingredients.
3.No harsh chemical preservatives.
4.Very Effective in removing tan.


Would I recommend this to anyone? YES YES YES go for it. Summer time and you need it big time.
Would I buy this again ? OF course .I stay in the tropics,sunny most of time , I need it

FAB INDIA haldi chandan mud pack

Hi, yup back with a mud review, jokes apart ,mud pack have a great attraction all around the world , mud wraps for body are also well raved about. But here in this post I am talking about a face mud pack by FABINDIA. It's called the haldi chandan pack. Since times immemorial ,haldi(turmeric) and chandan(sandalwood) have been known to soothe and calm sensitive acne-prone skin while the later chandan cools the skin ,imparts smooth texture and improves skin tone.
Though this pack has only the sandalwood fragrance , it does have its effect on skin. Read on to know the good effects of this pack.

Product: FABINDIA haldi chandan mud pack
Product type: Face Pack
Product price: 225 INR for 100 ml.

My review on the product fabindia haldi chandan pack:

Fabindia has some very good commendable products. And one of the best product is this ready to use pack. This pack comes in a small plastic jar. The mud pack has a very fine creamy consistency which runs smooth while applying on the face. Has a beautiful sandalwood colour and smells divine.
About a tablespoon  of this pack must be enough for one time application. The wide mouth of the bottle make it easy for taking the product out. Though one has to use a spoon to take the product out , just for hygiene.
I have been a freak about natural ingredient mud pack. They so suit my dry skin.
This particular pack is based in Multani mitti (fullers earth) which has loads of goodness for any type of skin. This also has almond oil in it which make this product a sure favorite. Almonds are such well wishers for dry skin and soothe it from feeling stretchy.
With such amazing ingredients in this pack ,its sure to give you a uplifted look and clean content skin, clearing complexion.
Though other preserving ingredients like parabens might not interest a few. But good news is there still no authentic and pakka report that parabens cause invariable side effects. So I guess once in a week/month application of this pack can only give beautiful skin and no bad effects what so ever .
This pack is something that am using every Sunday ,cause it's so easy to use, and completely mess free. I apply this and happily do my work .Absolutely no worry of dripping.
How I use this product:
1.Cleanse my face with some milk and cream.
2.Scrub my face for a few seconds with BIOTIQUE SMOOTHING & REVITALIZING SCRUB which I will review.
3.Tap skin with dry towel
4.Apply a thick coat of this pack. Leave for 15 minutes and wash with normal water.

1.Use of natural extracts.
2.Godness of turmeric, almond, sandalwood and fullers earth.
3.Amazingly clears complexion.
4.Ready to use face pack ,no mess of mixing anything

1.Presence of Parabens, a drawback to few.

Would I recommend this product post my review? Yes of course who wouldn't want clear complexion!

Would I buy this product again ? Might as well want to try other packs and get back to this.

Saturday, March 22, 2014

Biotique BIO Basil & Sandalwood Lightening Touch Body powder

Hi all , its summer time here at my place; Visakhapatnam ,India. But yeah ,thank God it's a sea city .And living near the shore has some benefits ,at least for me. Though it get hot , the sea breeze is cool and refreshes any soul in hot summer afternoons. But yeah there is another story as well, people used to living in dry hot climatic condition cannot take the humidity , they sweat profusely. As summer comes, its Mango time here in India. Such tangy to sweet varieties that my mouth just can't stop watering.
And no wonder this is the time I use this powder to feel better, cool , and beautiful. Yep you read it right...though in many other parts of the world people are not much aware of a talcum powder. It's a staple in India , every home has it ,  men ,children and women use it equally and  comes pretty cheap. It's a soft white powder that does not let the face or body sweat. Though I have never ever been a fan of it ,due to my dry skin. And the white powder brings a ashy look on my face, it a big no-no.
But in the midst of these chemical powders , I found one that is natural with amazingly skin friendly ingredients.

Product: Biotique Sandalwood Powder
Product Type: Facial and body powder
Product Price: 135 INR for 180gms bottle

My review of biotique bio basil & sandalwood powder (Lightening skin powder) :

Sandalwood is since times immemorial know to cool the body ,basil on the other hand has antibacterial action ,hence prevents sweat and its aftermath of  body odour. This one by biotique has found a staple place in my stash ,be it for its ingredients or the way it performs on my skin. Summers are hot and there is no escaping from them. The red sandalwood used in this product gives this powder a beige wheatish colour pigment which blends well with skin colour and doesn't look ashy or otherwise.
Its fine natural texture of the powder does not harm facial or body skin unlike most other talcum powders.
Sandalwood not only gives this powder a good pigment, but also amazing smell and feel. Sandalwood face packs and body wraps have been used by ancient Indians in their beauty regimes ,especially the elite for it is expensive and of course till to date. Red sandalwood though is a different species of wood ,similar in properties but has slightly deeper hue than sandalwood. Also it is cheaper than sandalwood. They have an amazing property to calm and soothe sensitive skin.

Apart from all the above good qualities this powder helps in lightening the skin , which of course is due to the ingredients used but not any sort of chemicals. And the best part is it mimics a compact powder as well.
Best about the product:
1.Natural powder with therapeutic properties.
3.Controls sweat and odour.
4.Smells great.

Not the best :
Can't think of any .

Would I buy this again? Yes as soon as I done with the one I have.

P.S My summers best friend :)
Please comment below and share your summers best cosmetic product....what say beautiful...

Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Easy Home made Face pack for dry skin in Summers.

Dry skin is one high maintenance skin ..I mean atleast for me.I need to be..literally embalming myself with moisturiser all the time. Be it humid summers there is no escape what so ever.Infact the kind of moisturiser that felt great in winter, no longer feels good for the summers.At my place which is a sea city it gets very humid and moisturisers need to quench my skins thirst but not feel heavy or groggy.
Why I had to tell you this beacuse , just as moisture, dry skin in summers need different face pack as well.
Temperatures here at Vizag (Visakhapatnam) go to about 40*C during peak summers i. e last weeks of May .And on an average above 35*C.Its imperative that one heads caution with skin as well as body to save it from dehydration.
Alright apart from this gyan let me jump right to Cucumber pack for dry skin in summers.
2. Multani mitti /fullers earth table spoon milk cream
Procedure :
*Make 4 slices of cucumber and keep aside.
*Make two halves of the cucumber and grate one part .while grind the other part.
*Before you apply the pack massage your skin with the grated cucumber gentlt in circular motions for about 5 to 10 min.
*Now clean dry with a soft cloth .
*Mix the ground cucumber with multani mitti to a paste.Add wee bit cream .Mix well and apply to the face and neck the sliced cucumber on your eyes and temples.Relax for 15 min.
*Don't let it dry until it makes your skin feel stretchy.
*Wash face with normal water.
*Do not use soap for about 8 hrs.
TADA LOOK AT URSELF....glowing soft supple hydrated skin is all yours.

Thursday, March 13, 2014

Best natural face cleanser /face cleanser

You might have never thought that this would work so well when advertisers , friends , blogs influence you to buy stuff .BUT HERE I AM TELLING YOU NO BLOG WILL TELL  YOU...
About a natural sponge that you can use to remove any grime / dirt. I stumbled upon this best natural face cleaner /face cleanser when I was shopping for my 1 year old baby .I bought the natural sponge at a baby store. Sponges are kind sea organisms that have no nervous system, digestive system or anything like that. They just have pores and only pores.
And this natural sponge( which feels a wee bit like the artificial sponges) is one must -have item for a beautiful skin.

Facial skin is delicate than the skin on the other parts of the body and its imperative that we treat it with utmost care just like you treat baby's skin. Now just as any mother would try anything on herself (except clothes)before she uses for her kid , I did that with this natural sponge too and God I so loved it that I kept it all form self...ahahha..and i wondered .....could i use an animal in cleaning my baby , I can do it , but not him. Each mom is different in beliefs .

Product Type :Natural Facial Cleansing Sponge
Product Concern : Effectively Cleanses facial skin as well as body skin
Product price: Each sponge is priced differently , smaller the sponge lesser the price. I got mine for 346 INR .

My take on this is one of a kind; I mean no product can ever replace this natural sponge. Just one sweep of it over my wet face is all I need to do to get a super glowing blushed face.
The sponge is so soft and dries up on its own ,just like any artificial sponge. Though there are companies that sell sponges that look alike , look for something that says Natural product, so that you won't be fooled.

How I use it :
I use my usual face wash and clean my face with water. Then I wet the sponge make it supple and clean my face just as anyone would use a cotton swab /cloth to clean the face and tada what a beautifully glowing face you get just like magic. I do this because I do not want any traces of the face wash in my tiny pore and this make my skin especially ready for any other natural treatments I intend to use.

What I like about this :
1.Lats super long , no tearing ;mine is over an year old.
2.Natural ,so absolutely safe to use.
3.Its high porosity helps remove the tiniest of grim /makeup that a face wash cannot.
4.Great for removing make up and it won't get dirty .Just run squeeze the sponge after use and it looks as good as brand new.
5.Great for teenagers suffering from acne /pimples.
6.Skin feels baby soft after each use.

What I don't like about :
This is super good stuff , there is nothing that I don't like any about ...:))

So finally should you buy??

You are missing on great fabulous skin if you don't.

Sunday, March 2, 2014

Forest Essentials Tejasvi Facial Ubtan

I had to , had to write about this product which does what it claims to do !Finally the one product in my vanity which I shall buy and buy and buy unless and until Forest Essentials withdraw making one of thsese. I am an Indian with Medium to Wheatish skin tone .With my recent harmonal imbalance I developed dark spots , freckles over my face and I was desperate to use any product advertised which claimed to erase them off , but in vain ,none seem to have worked !Just like any girl I was overzealous and literally abused my skin with various skin products for pigmentation .After a lot of trail and error I finally got my hands on this Facial cleanser which by far has showed considerable inherent change on my skin.Yes you need to have some patience for the dark spots /freckles to lighten and also slooow down the process of your skin making them .Treat your skin with good care and it will glow back !And what best than an Ayurvedic preparation for your precious skin?

Product Type: Facial Cleanser/Ubtan
Core Concern: Skin Lightening
Price: 695 INR for 50gms jar.


This is powdery ayurvedic formulation is authentic to Forest Essentials.It has potent ingredients like Sandalwood , Saffron and other herbs which help smooth out skin as it says.This product has to be mixed with rose water or yoghurt to be used which then becomes smooth and feels a little like a scrub on your face.For me personally this products works better than the best only when mixed with yoghurt but not that good with rose water.Being a Microbiology student myself , I understand the goodness of yoghurt and works fantastic for me!I have almost used about a jar and one jar lasts about a month and a half when used twice a day.Sometimes I either have the paste on my face as a pack for about 5 minutes then scrub that products out and wash else apply wait for a minute or so ,rubbing in circular motions ,I rinse it off , to see a radiant glow.

1.One product that does what it claims to do. Even-outs skin tone and lightens.
2. Ayurvedic preparation that one can rely on with natural ingredients.
3.No chemical , no fuss and fear of further damage with the product is ruled out.

1.Personally this product works great with yoghurt only.
2.Not great while travelling ,even if you want to.
3.Very expensive ,especially when you use it everyday.

Would I recommend this product to anyone? YES YES YES for all those suffering from pigmentation problems.

Would I buy this again? YES YES YES.
Please leave your comments.

Lakme Absolute Kohl Ultimate

What women want? Mesmerizing eyes , because eyes say it all !And to get those in the simplest way is the use Kajal on your waterline .Though Kohl is just another name.But I must say of all the Natural , Organic , Blackest Black , Smudge proof , no nonsense Kohl  Kajals I have tried , Lakme Absolute Kohl Ultimate is by far the best one I used and thus the review!Kajal/Kohl is my quintessential item which I use whenever I go out .Especially with my almond shaped small eyes a Kohl pencil does a lot.I look better in photos , eyes look wee bit bigger and intense , so its my favourite.My skin is dry and my eye area is dry too and this product seems like its made for me ;glides on smooth , feels comfortable and that tinge of moisturising feeling indeed.As the product claims it has moisturising ceramides which I guess does the job.Such drama it adds to my eyes , I just cant explain , you gotta try one for yourself.
Product Type: Kohl/Kajal Pencil
Core Concern: Long stay ,easy glide deep dark Kohl.
Price: 675 INR.


This is such a handy Kohl that you would not want to try another (except for the heck of buying ).Absolute Kohl is a 3 in 1 pencil, which has a sharpener , a smudger apart from the Kohl pencil.At first I thought this was pricey but got it anyway; then the look I get by using this product is all worth it.The small sturdy sharpener is on one end of the pencil on the cap while the smudger on the other end.After using this kohl I realised how important it is to sharpen any eye pencil to get the runway like look.The sharpner comes so handy. Smudger for Kohl ? That is what I thought ,but that's cool too for an instant smoky look.All in one a must have in your purse , on your dress table and while travelling who can miss this beauty?!
Pros :
1.Does not smudge, ease of use , glides smooth for an intense look
2.Great for use during holidays and trips.
3.Sharpner , smudger ,kohlin one.
1.Stays only for about 5 hours( against its claim of 8 hours
Would I recommend this product to anyone? YES YES
Would I buy this again? YES Absolutely
Please leave a comment or your experience.

Monday, February 24, 2014

Oriflame Pure Nature Burdock extract Clay Mask

Organic face mask??Must be very expensive ,but I would say no! The Clay Mask from Oriflame has organic burdock extracts which makes a special pick to recommend especially for normal to oily skins.As you know my skin is dry and obviously I tried this only once , did me a clarifying look but again not a frequent user.But I am giving a review because my mum-in-law loves this product,she says this is the best. In fact she is very choosy when it comes to picking any stuff , literally any kind of stuff , but she vouches on this product.Since this routine does not take much time , she uses it especially when attending parties etc., .Even before she runs out of this product she immediately asks me to order it.This means that this product works great of aged skin,because in an another encounter , even my elderly sister who lives in Australia liked it a lot.
Product Type: Face Mask
Core Concern: Purifying effect on skin.
Price: 250INR (On OFFER) /50gms.
You might not find many products with organic extracts at an affordable price.But once you use it you might want to use it on a regular basis for your weekend face rejuvenating rituals.Just cleanse , apply mask directly on to face , wait for 10 minutes and rinse off and you are ready to go.Since its not a totally chemical type of a mask ,this mask can be used at regular intervals.

1.Has organic extracts which means you are not exposing it to many chemicals.
2.Easy to use for an instant purifying effect and smells great (mild)
3.Great while travelling , since this is a ready to use face mask.

1. Might not last long ,since its just a 50gm tube.
2. A slight tingling sensation on skin while using.( for me , my skin is dry)
3. Nothing.

Would I recommend this to anyone? YES . works great on mature skin

Would I buy this again ? YES ,for my mum-in-law

P.S .I am an Oriflame consultant and being one does not influence any of my Oriflame reviews what so ever.

Do comment !


Oh yes ! My much awaited parcel from Oriflame arrived.And this time the newly launched advanced foot scrub with two in one action caught my attention.I could not resist trying the scrub and it worked so well on my feet. Yup ,just like you, I have used many expensive scrubs from........... oh ! You name it ,I used it ,but this one instantly rejuvenates my dried dead feet !Trust me , Scrub in!
Product Type : Foot Scrub
Core Concern : Instant Soft ,Smooth feet
Price : Introductory Offer Price 179Rs. for 100ml.
The best part is it comes in a tube unlike most other scrubs.For my "high maintenance feet " ,this one is a blessing ,be it a travel or a touch up for my feet in between pedicure,this one goes a long way .My feet are so darn dry that my feet look ugly just two days post my saloon pedicure.It somehow scrubs and at the same time moisturises my dry feet and they look "oh so just got a pedicure" types.For extra dry feet like mine ,I wipe off with water , pat dry and apply your favourite daily light moisturiser ,if you are going out! This scrub has anti-bacterial essential oil too .It does fit your idea of perfect feet scrub , ain't ?
!Easily to use while travelling.
!Feet looks beautiful instantaneously.
!Its creamy texture instantly smooths skin.
!Price may be high for the quantity.
!Need to replenish ,I guess sooner than your other scrubs , given the fact you will never give up using this
!No more
Would I recommend this to anyone? Yes , to all Indian women .(Given the pollution , climate )
Would I buy this again? Definitely , Any doubts?


Just a try and worth a try !Ordered this Konad Aroma Therapy Hand Mask from an on-line store along with my other stuff which I would be reviewing later.This is the first of its kind that I used and am pleased but not too pleased .For extremely dry hands like mine ,they are an O.K product,but people with normal skin might be just so lucky to instantly revive their hands to magical soft ones.
Product Type: Ready to Use Hand Mask.
Core Concern: Ready to use , aroma mask.
Price: 170 Rs for one pair /pack.
This pack claims to instantly moisturise you hand and it does !I used it after scrubbing my hands with Forest Essentials Sea Rose Crystal Scrub , rinsed off , pat dried and put these gloves on .Good thing about these is that you can hold anything , do any work using them unlike other home-made almond pack that I traditionally use to moisturise post my manicures.This one is so easy to use and do a little bit of massage once you wear these aroma pack.
The inside of this thing gloves is moist , I guess with all the essentials , the product claims to have .And indeed its very relaxing.Truly heavenly,especially when you use this post a travel or shopping where your beautiful hands have gone through the grind, you should use this! I felt truly relaxed , moisture wise its great for normal skins.
1.Easy to use works well as a pack and massage treatment.
2.Not an irritating smell.
3.Smooths out skin.
1.Priced High for one pack .
2.Availability is low.
3.Cant think of any.
Would I recommend this to anyone? Yup worth a try.
Would I buy this again? May be until I find another interesting ready to use hand packs.

Thursday, February 20, 2014


Its always been confusing !Buying blush , the right shade , the right tone , the correct finish ...can be exhausting especially for Indian women who are not so "blush" types.Even I was apprehensive about using a blush , but after a lot of trail and error , for the look I want I realised I need a shimmer free , matte blush.I mean to start with :P But what shade??I searched for matte free blush in many brands;not many and again not the right shade that would blend to look healthy and natural. Finally I after a lot of thinking I picked the Perfect Blush in Fresh Pink by Oriflame.
Product Type: Face Blush
Core Concern: Matte Effect Blush
Price: 498 Rs (full price )


This is the perfect blush to start with ,especially for a healthy glowing look ,this one is for you .Looks good on fair to medium skin tones.So this one places itself in those long list of "must haves".Its truly matte , no shimmer at all , the compared to the other blushes available this is a little less pigmented and might need two to three dabs of colour to get the look.The packaging is cute ,looks chick , has a mirror big enough.
1.Packaging is excellent.
2.A blush brush can easily swipe good colour , owing to the packaging
3.Amazing matte ,natural finish.
1.Does not come with a brush (but who uses the brush that comes with any other blush anyway)
2.Lightly pigmented.
Would I recommend this anyone? YES , for all blush beginners.
Would I buy this again? YES ,until I find another matte blush that fits my idea of a natural healthy looking blush.


Pigmentation is a huge problem now a days .And am amazed to see them on every other face part from mine.There are a lot of artificial / chemical methods that claim to reduce and gradually reduce the spots , but most are ineffective and may pose even bigger problems which I would deal in an different post later.One Ayurvedic recipe that would help fade these spots slowly but effectively is the nutmeg and sandalwood pack.
You will need the following:
1.Whole nutmeg
2.Unboiled milk
3.Pure Sandalwood powder or stick.
  • Nutmeg is a spice and you get it as a whole which needs to be ground against any coarse surface along with milk and slowly you would find a very fine paste.About  a teaspoon of this should be enough to be used once.Now keep this aside.
  • Take a little less than a teaspoon of pure sandalwood powder and mix it with the above set aside paste.Or you can take a small block of sandalwood ,ground on to a clean coarse surface with water which yields a fine paste.
  • Mix the two fine pastes to one and apply on cleansed face until just before dry ,or about 15 minutes.
You might find a little tingling sensation but don't worry about it , the sandalwood counters the stinginess of the spice and it does not harm the skin ,like chemical peels do.

Try it and do let me know how it worked for you.
P.S I would recommend a patch test before using it all over your face.

CLINIQUE dramatically different moisturising lotion Review

Lotions ,potions ,those magical creams ,am always trying!This time it was the'' "'Genius"'which Clinique sells every 3.5 Seconds".I was flabbergasted and immediately got one.According to Clinique my skin is Very Dry to Dry Combination Skin  and this moisturiser is the STEP 3 product.Among what Clinique suggests for a healthy skin.Step 1 to cleanse , Step 2 to Exfoliate and step 3 to moisturise.
Though I did not try the entire range because I am in love with my other face cleanser which I have  and do not want to experiment with it until some time.
Product Type :Facial Moisturiser
Core Concern: Dry to Very Dry Skin Moisturiser
My first thoughts with this product was a very positive one but as I started using this product , I realised it was not one for my kind of skin which is very thirsty for a moisturiser.It may be good for those who develop dry skin with onset of winters .Certainly not for me who vouches by a cream even in humid summers as in India.Generally another put off for me is as I apply it does not give me a natural glow as it does with other moisturisers but what I can positively boast about this cream is it feel light and gives me a feeling that it seals the inherent moisture skin has.
There is also a gel version of this moisturiser for oily skin.
1.Feels light and absorbed by the skin easily.
2.No strong fragrance.
3.Seals in inherent moisture the skin has.
1.Personally not satisfying for an extreme dry Skinner like me
Would I buy this again ? Don't think so .
Would I recommend this to anyone ?YES for normal skinned people it would be a great product.


Lush , Hand made cosmetics , everyone is talking about it! I wanted to try something from LUSH and what caught my attention was the HENNA( CACA NOIR ) which says it has pure henna and the rare exotic Indigo dye .and super excited ,I ordered it online along with other stuff.I have some greys and I do not prefer to use hair colour ,though many parlours/beauticians recommend hair colour to henna ;the later one they say dries the hair.But that is not true.Coming back Indigo dye gives off dark blue /black tints and the moment I say that Lush Henna had this component I picked it to my cart.
Product type: Henna /Natural Hair Colour.
Core Concern: Natural Blue /Black Hair Colour.
Price: 1020 Rs for 6 blocks i.e 330 gms.
Its says that the blocks should be broken in a heat proof bowl and mixed to a yoghurt like consistency with hot water and be used.Wrap in a shower cap for deep red tints or just leave for blue /black tints.
My experience:
Yes this product is expensive but the idea of Indigo dye as an ingredient of this henna lured me shell 1020 rupees for this product and has it been a worthwhile buy after using it , ooooooooooooops a BIG NO.Forget about the blue black tints that the product claims to, it didn't even change the greys a tinge !An utter flop.I didn't even oil my hair , if to lay the reason for no colouration.
Even my mom tried the henna ,yet its the same.

Likes: :)
But the product says that its all natural and has exotic INDIGO dye in it.
Ikes: :(
Its is very expensive.
Did not stand up to what the product claims.
For the price it just come in a cling wrap and no instructions or note of how to store.
A complete dud of a product.
Would I recommend this product ? NO
Would I buy this again ?No way
P.S. This review is based on one time use .But does that change anything ?Will use this again next will and update it right here.


I have been craving for these lip butters for a long time , the name lip butter is so enchanting that I had to pick these.The colours are vivid and come from light pinks , reds, browns and few neutrals too.I picked Pink Truffle and Raspberry Pie .I thought Raspberry Pie would not show up much on my lips but the pigmentation of these lip butters are amazing , one swipe and gosh the pigmentation is as good as the lip butter looks.The packaging is amazing and the colour of the cover makes for an easy pick while dressing up.
Product type: Lipstick /Lip Butters
Core Concern: For moisturised Smooth ,rich pigmented lips.
Price:600 Rs per Lip butter ( I bought this on a 20% discount)

Lip butters and pigmentations so true to the lip butter colour is amazing.As opposed to few lipsticks /lip colours which look good as a lipstick but does not give the same colour on the lips.Colour so truly translates on the lips , no matter how pigmented your lips may be.Because I have a dark upper lip and a light lower lip ,but this one works like magic.Revlon is always reliable for it lip colours and lip butters stay much up to the status. These also have a slight sheen , makes this a everyday lip product , moisturises , keeps lips smooth .
Staying power may not be good , but who does not like touch up especially if its a luscious lip butter.
No peculiar taste so makes it so wearable.
Raspberry Pie: Loud fuchsia colour.The kind of tinge your lips would get when you eat a raspberry ice cream lolly.
Pink Truffle : A fleshy pink neutral kind of colour
1.Glides smoothly on the lips.
2.Amazing pigmentation .
3.Moisturises lips .
4.Love the packaging.Sturdy for travel too.
1.Feels a little pinch when buying .Though I got a discount.
2.Staying power good.
Would I buy them again ? YES YES in more colours , Pink truffle  is my favourite.
Would I recommend this to anyone? YES YES YES , go ahead you would not regret.

Forest Essentials Light Hydrating Hydra Eye Gel Review

Eye Creams, Under eye gels , anything alike , I am a bit apprehensive.I do my bit of research , a bit ....wait a lot of research before I buy !Because the skin around eyes is very fragile ,no fat underneath and thus needs extra care.I once read that heavy creams ought not to be used under eyes.Thus gels are the right kind to be used.And look what I bought its Forest Essentials Light Hydrating Hydra Eye gel.

Product Type: Under eye gel
Product Claims:Lightens dark circles and also fortifies the delicate under eye skin.
Price: 595 Rs. for 15gms.

I once used a eye cream but to see no results and never went back to that section until so long :When I found this eye care hydra gel from FOREST ESSENTIALS.And viola it works .I still have not fully finished using the entire cute little tub ;just half way through and I see good results .The under eye circles ,the fatigued look is kind of fading away.Especially in photographs I look better. Kajal also looks best on me now.
This is a really light cream ,which I use just  before sleeping and particularly after cleaning my face.
You got my verdict ,it works , its light and its paraben free!
1.Really light and fast absorbing gel.
2.Has botanical extracts for the delicate under eye area.
3. Paraben-free.
1.Expensive for 15 gms.
2.Availability is a concern .