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Thursday, February 20, 2014

Palmers Tummy Butter for stretch marks

Going through weight loss ,weight gain is inevitable.Every woman goes through these phases , especially during and post pregnancy.And with these phases come free free free , the " stretch marks ".
And yes you must have heard prevention better than cure , then why not know abou that both end fulfilling tummy cream for those tummy stretch marks ? I discovered Palmers ,a brand that my sister in law introduced me to.I get super excited to try the brands when someone tells me their good experiences and yes I was lured to pick this up at Mom and Me.
Product type : Tummy Butter for Tummy Stretch Marks.
Product Claim: Tones skin,reduces stretch marks.
Price: around 500 INR ,oopsy forgot.
I was so looking for a stretch mark cream , with my Hyperthyroid problem , I almost gained 10 kg weight , but then with a little disciplined life , I am getting back into great shape , yes this is when you need a good cream handy , this is phase when stretch marks make their "special appearances".Unlike  in movies , these are not welcome at all!
I have been using this for the past two months and seen little change which inspired me to continue using the product before getting lured to switch over another product .Instantly absorbed by the skin , it feels great !
This tummy butter is safe to be used during pregnancy and is in fact recommended for use during pregnancy on the jar! Though pregnant women must consider using this post 4 months.

Use this regularly and await amazing results.
1.Dermatologically tested
2.Recommended for pregnant women
Availability is a concern
Would I recommend this cream? Yes for all your tummy stretch marks.
Would I buy this again ? Definitely , it's a staple product for me now.

Friday, May 24, 2013

What to do when your baby cries?

Last night my baby had a very disturbed sleep.He was crying and crying .I checked his shirt , his diaper , ears , everything was fine , so ruled out the exterior factors that might cause him to cry .Next as usual I use a anti colic syrup.I only use homoeopathic colic aid syrup for my baby since it has no side effects(the one I use is Brauer Colic relief.Generally this instantly helps my baby's irritability and he sleeps happily.)But yesterday night it just did not happen so .Even this did not work , he was intermittently crying and I was so worried as to what was causing him that pain .
Then my father had his memory flash of using his granny's medicine!Viola it worked.And what was that ?
Putting a wee bit of the lump form of asafoetida( an Indian spice commonly found in Indian kitchens, used in minute quantity in most food preparations.) in his belly button and then on he slept blissfully.

Monday, May 13, 2013


Its AKSHAYATRITHIYA (13-5-2010). Yep and a favourite day for all women especially in India .Because one can buy guilt free gold jewellery, clothes .And why is that ?It is said that on this day, if you buy gold , it multiplies manifold.And yes even the men of the house do not object to this guilt free craving for gold especially this day.