Monday, September 18, 2017

Top 5 or my best and most repurchased Skin-care products

Hello .........This post is long due and I had to jump to write this and tell you my quintessential products that make my day. Here in this post, I am writing about the top 5 products ( only Basic skincare) that I have repurchased over the few couple of years. These are the best that I used and always helped me look better, helped me feel content and never really let me down.
For I say these are my "go-to products" for everyday use.To look best, and only the best.

My top 5 most repurchased products:

My skin type: Very dry
My skin tone: NC40

1. Dove Beauty moisture face wash.
2. Olay Moisturising Cream
3.Forest essentials Tejaswi Ubtan
4.The Body Shop Body Butter (Olive Body Butter /Japanese Camelia Body butter/ Shea Body lotion)
5.La'OCtaine Foot Cream.

Tese above list of products are my go to products and I usually never run out of these.Though I have a lot more face washes, lot more creams, lot more face powders and lip products, these are something I tend to repurchase and are a constant in my vanity. Let me talk through each of the above products and how they fair for becoming my most repurchased products.

1.Dove moisture Face wash:

My skin is extremely dry and with the touch of water, my skin becomes tight and dull.But with this creamy white face wash my skin is clean and supple. And extremely travel-friendly, your everyday friend.
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2.Olay Moisturizing cream: 

This is a must-have in my stash and a go-to-product which is best suited for extremely humid places like where I live. I never sweat out this cream. Sometimes with most other creams, I tend to sweat immediately after applying which is a big no-no.Thus Olay moisturizing cream is the best for the conditions that I live in, great moisturizer and absolutely no greasiness or sweating.
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3.Forest Essentials Tejaswi Ubtan:

This I have repurchased about 3 times or more and it has never disappointed me, I just use it as a soap-free facial cleanser before sleeping and it just makes my skin clean, clear and tightens pore in the most natural way and the smell is most divine.If not every day, use it as a bi-weekly pack with raw milk for good results as well.
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4.The Body Shop Body Butter:

These are my first crush, eternal love and my partner in good skin. I have at least three tubs at home at any given point of time. And I never miss their offers they are just as tempting as their body butter, as tempting as their fragrences. And the best part is their claim of 24-hour hydration.No more scaly skin, bid a goodbye to those white patchy skin with these sumptuous body butter.
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5.La'Occtaine Foot Cream:

Hands down the bestestest foot cream I have ever come across. It is just not a foot cream, the lavender essential oils in this completely help relax fatigued feet. Yes of course skin is super soft, supple and they look like very high profile feet, just pedicured. Yes, you can count on me.
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