Wednesday, September 20, 2017


Today I am going to post a beautiful scrub recipe that has a long shelf life and apart from that, you get extremely smooth skin that you will just adore. And needless to say the smell is sumptuous. This scrub is  easy to make and store.

Since the main ingredient is coffee, its a very great scrub not only to slough off dead skin but also helps to reduce those cellulite dumplings on your thighs.

This is a must try hard working scrub that you ought to have at home.

So here is the recipe for making this coffee sugar scrub:

You 'll need

1.Ground pure coffee ( you can get the kind of scrub consistency at Coffee Day store as they have freshly ground coffee.Ask the assistant to not completely grind it) 150 gms

2. Extra Virgin Olive Oil(Enough to make it to scrub consistency)

3.Sugar 100 gms

4. Cinnamon ( Zest of Cinnamon 1tsp)

Look through the picture tutorial to make the simple yet effective scrub.

Please do not use this on delicate skin areas and also not for facial use as its a coarse body scrub.

Vola!! You have it .Just use it in your shower and do let me know how you liked it !!I know those pictures are old but i forgot to post this.... ,,haahah happens when you have two kids!!

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