Monday, December 14, 2015


Hi all , it has been super hectic on my end with a small medical emergency., things are alright now and I am back to review some of the best body cleansers aka soaps from PATANJALI , which is now treading across the globe, their products are now much in demand for their authentic ayurvedic preparations.Many a shops of them have mushroomed in my city making availability much easy.Hence for me its just a 5 min walk to their store to get some of the best and economical products ever.
Here in this post I am writing about three of the best body cleansers of PATANJAlI which I totally adore.I have used them many a times and hence compiling my favourites. Do read you might just have the soap you always wanted to in your kitty.My three favourite soaps are ,

1) Multani mitti Body Cleanser (Full Review here...)
2) Mogra body Cleanser( Glycerine soap)
3) Panchgavya kanti Body Cleanser

My three favourite soaps, from L-R* Multani-Mitti, Mogra, Panchgavya kanti
 Multani mitti Body Cleanser: This soap below has a divine scent and also one side of the soap has a wee bit of a rough end which also aids in ex-foliating, lathers quite well and cleanses the body amazingly ,Its is said that Multani mitti ( Fullers earth ) has the capability of remove blemishes, marksof the skin and improves texture of the skin so instead of using packs once in a month , make this soap a part of your daily showrr routine and viola , you skin is magically gorgeous!!My years of experience.

Multani-mitti Soap with ingredients list
Mogra Body Cleanser: 
Some facts about Mogra flower: Mogra is nothing but Jasmine in English (which is also the national flower of the Philippines) These flowers are made into garland and in India they are used to adorn Gods and also women folk love to adorn their hair with these flowers and staple of most Indian Gardens! houses

This soap is Glycerine based and perfect for winters, looks stunning in apple green and smells out of this world, so totally divine, more like a luxury soap and lingers on the skin.Skin is evidently smooth and great for dry skin.Must say its must try!!
Mogra Body Cleanser

Panchgavya Body Cleanser: This soap smells like its straight out of heaven and its so cheap @ just 13 INR for 75 gms is great deal for the kind of skin and smell you get. If you can go through the ingredients list , all of them are really good for our skin.this doesn't dry my skin at all.

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