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AVON ,its no new name to us,yeah its popular all over the world and yes I am a consultant too.I love being one.This is one amazing brand of direct selling.I love a lot of products by them.But here in this post I would be discussing about their economical line of products called the "Simply Pretty".And most popular are the two lip products/lip sticks that stand more worth to me for the price.Of the amazing line of colours ,I loved these two instantaneously.Read on to know more about the two cuties.
Product Type:Lipstick
Product: AVON SIMPLY PRETTY in Truffle and Amethyst
Product Price: 2 for 249 INR.

Review of Avon Simply Pretty in Truffle and Amethyst @ Tickled Tinker.

I never thought these would be so good for the price.But these are par excellent.These come in violet plastic casing just like any twist up lipstick.Yeah look pretty in your stash too, who does not want a little colour in their life.Ok that apart the lipstick works smoothly on lips and one swipe is pretty good for descent pay off of the colour .For a bit more intense colour you might want to do two more swipes.It has no bright odd glitter but a good right kind of sheen brought by micro glitter.Stays pretty long,long enough until your done with your party!!

This is a peachy orange colour that brightens the face.This is a super good colour for fair to medium to medium deep skin tones.

Have you seen the natural stone Amethyst and its myriad colours?? Yup you will certainly find this shade.
Another beautiful purplish pink great for most Indian skin tones.

1.Great colour pay off.
2.Easy on the purse.
3.Long stay.

Naah none.

Would I recommend this product to anyone? YES YES
Would I buy this again? Truffle ,yes yes

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