Sunday, March 2, 2014

Lakme Absolute Kohl Ultimate

What women want? Mesmerizing eyes , because eyes say it all !And to get those in the simplest way is the use Kajal on your waterline .Though Kohl is just another name.But I must say of all the Natural , Organic , Blackest Black , Smudge proof , no nonsense Kohl  Kajals I have tried , Lakme Absolute Kohl Ultimate is by far the best one I used and thus the review!Kajal/Kohl is my quintessential item which I use whenever I go out .Especially with my almond shaped small eyes a Kohl pencil does a lot.I look better in photos , eyes look wee bit bigger and intense , so its my favourite.My skin is dry and my eye area is dry too and this product seems like its made for me ;glides on smooth , feels comfortable and that tinge of moisturising feeling indeed.As the product claims it has moisturising ceramides which I guess does the job.Such drama it adds to my eyes , I just cant explain , you gotta try one for yourself.
Product Type: Kohl/Kajal Pencil
Core Concern: Long stay ,easy glide deep dark Kohl.
Price: 675 INR.


This is such a handy Kohl that you would not want to try another (except for the heck of buying ).Absolute Kohl is a 3 in 1 pencil, which has a sharpener , a smudger apart from the Kohl pencil.At first I thought this was pricey but got it anyway; then the look I get by using this product is all worth it.The small sturdy sharpener is on one end of the pencil on the cap while the smudger on the other end.After using this kohl I realised how important it is to sharpen any eye pencil to get the runway like look.The sharpner comes so handy. Smudger for Kohl ? That is what I thought ,but that's cool too for an instant smoky look.All in one a must have in your purse , on your dress table and while travelling who can miss this beauty?!
Pros :
1.Does not smudge, ease of use , glides smooth for an intense look
2.Great for use during holidays and trips.
3.Sharpner , smudger ,kohlin one.
1.Stays only for about 5 hours( against its claim of 8 hours
Would I recommend this product to anyone? YES YES
Would I buy this again? YES Absolutely
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