Sunday, March 2, 2014

Forest Essentials Tejasvi Facial Ubtan

I had to , had to write about this product which does what it claims to do !Finally the one product in my vanity which I shall buy and buy and buy unless and until Forest Essentials withdraw making one of thsese. I am an Indian with Medium to Wheatish skin tone .With my recent harmonal imbalance I developed dark spots , freckles over my face and I was desperate to use any product advertised which claimed to erase them off , but in vain ,none seem to have worked !Just like any girl I was overzealous and literally abused my skin with various skin products for pigmentation .After a lot of trail and error I finally got my hands on this Facial cleanser which by far has showed considerable inherent change on my skin.Yes you need to have some patience for the dark spots /freckles to lighten and also slooow down the process of your skin making them .Treat your skin with good care and it will glow back !And what best than an Ayurvedic preparation for your precious skin?

Product Type: Facial Cleanser/Ubtan
Core Concern: Skin Lightening
Price: 695 INR for 50gms jar.


This is powdery ayurvedic formulation is authentic to Forest Essentials.It has potent ingredients like Sandalwood , Saffron and other herbs which help smooth out skin as it says.This product has to be mixed with rose water or yoghurt to be used which then becomes smooth and feels a little like a scrub on your face.For me personally this products works better than the best only when mixed with yoghurt but not that good with rose water.Being a Microbiology student myself , I understand the goodness of yoghurt and works fantastic for me!I have almost used about a jar and one jar lasts about a month and a half when used twice a day.Sometimes I either have the paste on my face as a pack for about 5 minutes then scrub that products out and wash else apply wait for a minute or so ,rubbing in circular motions ,I rinse it off , to see a radiant glow.

1.One product that does what it claims to do. Even-outs skin tone and lightens.
2. Ayurvedic preparation that one can rely on with natural ingredients.
3.No chemical , no fuss and fear of further damage with the product is ruled out.

1.Personally this product works great with yoghurt only.
2.Not great while travelling ,even if you want to.
3.Very expensive ,especially when you use it everyday.

Would I recommend this product to anyone? YES YES YES for all those suffering from pigmentation problems.

Would I buy this again? YES YES YES.
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