Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Easy Home made Face pack for dry skin in Summers.

Dry skin is one high maintenance skin ..I mean atleast for me.I need to be..literally embalming myself with moisturiser all the time. Be it humid summers there is no escape what so ever.Infact the kind of moisturiser that felt great in winter, no longer feels good for the summers.At my place which is a sea city it gets very humid and moisturisers need to quench my skins thirst but not feel heavy or groggy.
Why I had to tell you this beacuse , just as moisture, dry skin in summers need different face pack as well.
Temperatures here at Vizag (Visakhapatnam) go to about 40*C during peak summers i. e last weeks of May .And on an average above 35*C.Its imperative that one heads caution with skin as well as body to save it from dehydration.
Alright apart from this gyan let me jump right to Cucumber pack for dry skin in summers.
2. Multani mitti /fullers earth table spoon milk cream
Procedure :
*Make 4 slices of cucumber and keep aside.
*Make two halves of the cucumber and grate one part .while grind the other part.
*Before you apply the pack massage your skin with the grated cucumber gentlt in circular motions for about 5 to 10 min.
*Now clean dry with a soft cloth .
*Mix the ground cucumber with multani mitti to a paste.Add wee bit cream .Mix well and apply to the face and neck the sliced cucumber on your eyes and temples.Relax for 15 min.
*Don't let it dry until it makes your skin feel stretchy.
*Wash face with normal water.
*Do not use soap for about 8 hrs.
TADA LOOK AT URSELF....glowing soft supple hydrated skin is all yours.

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