Saturday, March 22, 2014

Biotique BIO Basil & Sandalwood Lightening Touch Body powder

Hi all , its summer time here at my place; Visakhapatnam ,India. But yeah ,thank God it's a sea city .And living near the shore has some benefits ,at least for me. Though it get hot , the sea breeze is cool and refreshes any soul in hot summer afternoons. But yeah there is another story as well, people used to living in dry hot climatic condition cannot take the humidity , they sweat profusely. As summer comes, its Mango time here in India. Such tangy to sweet varieties that my mouth just can't stop watering.
And no wonder this is the time I use this powder to feel better, cool , and beautiful. Yep you read it right...though in many other parts of the world people are not much aware of a talcum powder. It's a staple in India , every home has it ,  men ,children and women use it equally and  comes pretty cheap. It's a soft white powder that does not let the face or body sweat. Though I have never ever been a fan of it ,due to my dry skin. And the white powder brings a ashy look on my face, it a big no-no.
But in the midst of these chemical powders , I found one that is natural with amazingly skin friendly ingredients.

Product: Biotique Sandalwood Powder
Product Type: Facial and body powder
Product Price: 135 INR for 180gms bottle

My review of biotique bio basil & sandalwood powder (Lightening skin powder) :

Sandalwood is since times immemorial know to cool the body ,basil on the other hand has antibacterial action ,hence prevents sweat and its aftermath of  body odour. This one by biotique has found a staple place in my stash ,be it for its ingredients or the way it performs on my skin. Summers are hot and there is no escaping from them. The red sandalwood used in this product gives this powder a beige wheatish colour pigment which blends well with skin colour and doesn't look ashy or otherwise.
Its fine natural texture of the powder does not harm facial or body skin unlike most other talcum powders.
Sandalwood not only gives this powder a good pigment, but also amazing smell and feel. Sandalwood face packs and body wraps have been used by ancient Indians in their beauty regimes ,especially the elite for it is expensive and of course till to date. Red sandalwood though is a different species of wood ,similar in properties but has slightly deeper hue than sandalwood. Also it is cheaper than sandalwood. They have an amazing property to calm and soothe sensitive skin.

Apart from all the above good qualities this powder helps in lightening the skin , which of course is due to the ingredients used but not any sort of chemicals. And the best part is it mimics a compact powder as well.
Best about the product:
1.Natural powder with therapeutic properties.
3.Controls sweat and odour.
4.Smells great.

Not the best :
Can't think of any .

Would I buy this again? Yes as soon as I done with the one I have.

P.S My summers best friend :)
Please comment below and share your summers best cosmetic product....what say beautiful...

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