Thursday, March 13, 2014

Best natural face cleanser /face cleanser

You might have never thought that this would work so well when advertisers , friends , blogs influence you to buy stuff .BUT HERE I AM TELLING YOU NO BLOG WILL TELL  YOU...
About a natural sponge that you can use to remove any grime / dirt. I stumbled upon this best natural face cleaner /face cleanser when I was shopping for my 1 year old baby .I bought the natural sponge at a baby store. Sponges are kind sea organisms that have no nervous system, digestive system or anything like that. They just have pores and only pores.
And this natural sponge( which feels a wee bit like the artificial sponges) is one must -have item for a beautiful skin.

Facial skin is delicate than the skin on the other parts of the body and its imperative that we treat it with utmost care just like you treat baby's skin. Now just as any mother would try anything on herself (except clothes)before she uses for her kid , I did that with this natural sponge too and God I so loved it that I kept it all form self...ahahha..and i wondered .....could i use an animal in cleaning my baby , I can do it , but not him. Each mom is different in beliefs .

Product Type :Natural Facial Cleansing Sponge
Product Concern : Effectively Cleanses facial skin as well as body skin
Product price: Each sponge is priced differently , smaller the sponge lesser the price. I got mine for 346 INR .

My take on this is one of a kind; I mean no product can ever replace this natural sponge. Just one sweep of it over my wet face is all I need to do to get a super glowing blushed face.
The sponge is so soft and dries up on its own ,just like any artificial sponge. Though there are companies that sell sponges that look alike , look for something that says Natural product, so that you won't be fooled.

How I use it :
I use my usual face wash and clean my face with water. Then I wet the sponge make it supple and clean my face just as anyone would use a cotton swab /cloth to clean the face and tada what a beautifully glowing face you get just like magic. I do this because I do not want any traces of the face wash in my tiny pore and this make my skin especially ready for any other natural treatments I intend to use.

What I like about this :
1.Lats super long , no tearing ;mine is over an year old.
2.Natural ,so absolutely safe to use.
3.Its high porosity helps remove the tiniest of grim /makeup that a face wash cannot.
4.Great for removing make up and it won't get dirty .Just run squeeze the sponge after use and it looks as good as brand new.
5.Great for teenagers suffering from acne /pimples.
6.Skin feels baby soft after each use.

What I don't like about :
This is super good stuff , there is nothing that I don't like any about ...:))

So finally should you buy??

You are missing on great fabulous skin if you don't.

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