Thursday, February 20, 2014


Concealers are your best friends when it comes to rescue you of your flaws.But choosing the right concealer can be tricky.The right medium is also important. Do you want to invest in a stick or a liquid or mineral concealer?There are choices just as you have choices in life , but then depending on the flaw to be covered, you have to pick the right one!

For my face my most concerned flaw are freckles/dark spots on the butterfly area of my face that is the nose and the high cheek bone area.I tried liquid concealers but then they just didn’t work good for me.The finally like an angel The Body Shop SA gave me the best stick concealer that I am really in love right now.What more! I got a buy one get one!!.
And yes choosing the right colour is also of importance otherwise you might end up looking like “”hey where are you from?”"
Product Type:Concealer stick.
Product Claim:Conceals facial flaws.
Product price: 520 INR.(Buy one get on free).for 3.9gms
This is like a chubby pencil.Concealer encased in wooden casing like that of a pencil.And if you want more of the product as you keep using , you just need to sharpen it like you do with a pencil.This is handy .Very easy to use.No mess and no spill!
This concealer come in about 6 shades.starting from shade 01 to 06.Mine is a shade 05 which effectively covers my dark spots and it so easy to use.Just apply directly with stick over the flaws and set.This concealer has a creamy texture and feels so light on your skin.Blends so effortlessly that you do not need to know any tricks to hide your flaws ;just swipe , blend with fingers and set .You will have such seamlessly flawless skin that people will be awestruck at!.
Must say its a must have.
1.Easy to use.
2.Travel friendly.
3.Lightweight and creamy texture.
1.Cant think of any !
Would I buy this again ? YES
Would I recommends this to anyone? FIVE STARS ,go ahead!

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