Thursday, February 20, 2014


I have been craving for these lip butters for a long time , the name lip butter is so enchanting that I had to pick these.The colours are vivid and come from light pinks , reds, browns and few neutrals too.I picked Pink Truffle and Raspberry Pie .I thought Raspberry Pie would not show up much on my lips but the pigmentation of these lip butters are amazing , one swipe and gosh the pigmentation is as good as the lip butter looks.The packaging is amazing and the colour of the cover makes for an easy pick while dressing up.
Product type: Lipstick /Lip Butters
Core Concern: For moisturised Smooth ,rich pigmented lips.
Price:600 Rs per Lip butter ( I bought this on a 20% discount)

Lip butters and pigmentations so true to the lip butter colour is amazing.As opposed to few lipsticks /lip colours which look good as a lipstick but does not give the same colour on the lips.Colour so truly translates on the lips , no matter how pigmented your lips may be.Because I have a dark upper lip and a light lower lip ,but this one works like magic.Revlon is always reliable for it lip colours and lip butters stay much up to the status. These also have a slight sheen , makes this a everyday lip product , moisturises , keeps lips smooth .
Staying power may not be good , but who does not like touch up especially if its a luscious lip butter.
No peculiar taste so makes it so wearable.
Raspberry Pie: Loud fuchsia colour.The kind of tinge your lips would get when you eat a raspberry ice cream lolly.
Pink Truffle : A fleshy pink neutral kind of colour
1.Glides smoothly on the lips.
2.Amazing pigmentation .
3.Moisturises lips .
4.Love the packaging.Sturdy for travel too.
1.Feels a little pinch when buying .Though I got a discount.
2.Staying power good.
Would I buy them again ? YES YES in more colours , Pink truffle  is my favourite.
Would I recommend this to anyone? YES YES YES , go ahead you would not regret.

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