Monday, February 24, 2014

Oriflame Pure Nature Burdock extract Clay Mask

Organic face mask??Must be very expensive ,but I would say no! The Clay Mask from Oriflame has organic burdock extracts which makes a special pick to recommend especially for normal to oily skins.As you know my skin is dry and obviously I tried this only once , did me a clarifying look but again not a frequent user.But I am giving a review because my mum-in-law loves this product,she says this is the best. In fact she is very choosy when it comes to picking any stuff , literally any kind of stuff , but she vouches on this product.Since this routine does not take much time , she uses it especially when attending parties etc., .Even before she runs out of this product she immediately asks me to order it.This means that this product works great of aged skin,because in an another encounter , even my elderly sister who lives in Australia liked it a lot.
Product Type: Face Mask
Core Concern: Purifying effect on skin.
Price: 250INR (On OFFER) /50gms.
You might not find many products with organic extracts at an affordable price.But once you use it you might want to use it on a regular basis for your weekend face rejuvenating rituals.Just cleanse , apply mask directly on to face , wait for 10 minutes and rinse off and you are ready to go.Since its not a totally chemical type of a mask ,this mask can be used at regular intervals.

1.Has organic extracts which means you are not exposing it to many chemicals.
2.Easy to use for an instant purifying effect and smells great (mild)
3.Great while travelling , since this is a ready to use face mask.

1. Might not last long ,since its just a 50gm tube.
2. A slight tingling sensation on skin while using.( for me , my skin is dry)
3. Nothing.

Would I recommend this to anyone? YES . works great on mature skin

Would I buy this again ? YES ,for my mum-in-law

P.S .I am an Oriflame consultant and being one does not influence any of my Oriflame reviews what so ever.

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