Thursday, February 20, 2014


Everyday ,as I shower , this thought lingers in my mind! "I have to write about this , I have tell everyone how good this is".Guessing , yup its my bathmate , my soap , MY OJAS , my Ojas multani mitii soap .You know I have dry skin , guessing again ?Multani mitii and Dry Skin? Yes I was amazed too but my skin felt refreshed , tan does not seem to set permanently and the morga fragrance is so so refreshing especially for our tropical climate!
Product Type: Daily Use Soap
Product Outcome:Cleansed Beautiful soft body skin and facial skin
Product Price:35 INR
Soap with outer carton

Ingredients List and Price

If I ever use a soap , I only use Pears or any Glycerine soap ,as I am a Shower-Gel Gurl. But to my own surprise , my one time use became an addiction .This ,my mommy got me, and I am so happy to have been using it since then.This soap might not last long ,but again its one sign of a good soap.
Fact:Soap which lasts long and lather well is not generally good soap!
Multani mitti is a well known aesthetic product that every women has in their vanity and has proved time and again to be the one royal beauty care product .This has been used times immemorial by women of royal lineage to take care of their beautiful skin. Multani mitti ( Fullers earth)is one essential ingredient of any face pack that most Indians use.
This soap also has a rough surface which works as a scrub and help in exfoliating the skin .
My skin tone has improved well. Fragrance is just so amazing.
Am so dead sure it works great for oily skin too as Multani mitti in this soap helps control the sebum .i.e the oiliness and give a much need glow on just on your face but your body also.
THIS SOAP IS BY PATANJALI and thus is available at their stores or any other stores which exclusively sell ayurvedic and homoeopathic medicines.
1.An excellent everyday bath soap.
2.Natural ingredients that beautify skin.
3.Lovely fragrance and great scrubbing .
1. Availability concern.
Would I buy this again? Definitely
Would I recommend this to anyone? YES YES YES.

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