Thursday, February 20, 2014

MAYBELLINE BOLD MATTE ,in MAT1 Review and Swatch

HI all ya gorgeous girls, how has been your week , mine was busy as well as lazy ! Now how is that possible , just as Maybelline BOLD MATT is !:)
Now I have lots to boast about this cute bullet that is bold, neon colors just apt for the new age lady .Oh wait did I scare you away with the word "neon",its such a wearable neon ,looks so  but when you wear it  you will fall in love with undoubtedly.And yes you must have already thought ,now that's a matt colour , it would definitely be dry!Seriously ,you think so ?No its the other way round. 
Product Type:Lipstick /Velvety Creamy /Moisturizing
Product Price: 357 INR
Product Claim: Bold colour with matte velvety finish
Maybelline Mat 1
My take on the product: MAYBELLINE BOLD MATTE,MAT 1 
No wonder why everyone is so gaga about this one.The packaging is so new age .The outer cover is in semi translucent bright pink red and the inside stem is silver steel.The color bold matte looks very neon pink red but when you apply it looks super dramatic which looks like its fuchsia with pink undertones.Application is super easy as this one glides super soft unlike other matte lipsticks which rather feels a wee bit chalky.And since its a matte lipstick you need exfoliate your lips or they might just look ugly which you obviously don't want it to happen.
Upon application lips look velvety fresh and bold.As per the stay is concerned it stays long ,longer than you would expect!Now who like touch up all the time.Save it and spend with your loved ones while others miss the fun and keep going to the restrooms for touch-ups!!:P :P
What you can wear this with?!
Pair this with neutral eyes or dark kholed eyes , either ways it looks great.Looks good on Asian skin tones from Fair to Wheatish .
Wear your little black dress and some nice danglings and there is no stopping you .Go girl go!!
1.Super velvety bold finish.
2.Super long stay.
3.Well priced for the quality .
1.I love this , no ikes for this absolutely ,NO
Would I buy this again ?Definitely and the other colours too
Would I recommend! Sure there has not been a product like this in the Indian market before.So velvety you cannot resist.
P.S A proper red carpet colour!
Until my next post keep loving !

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