Thursday, February 20, 2014


Lush , Hand made cosmetics , everyone is talking about it! I wanted to try something from LUSH and what caught my attention was the HENNA( CACA NOIR ) which says it has pure henna and the rare exotic Indigo dye .and super excited ,I ordered it online along with other stuff.I have some greys and I do not prefer to use hair colour ,though many parlours/beauticians recommend hair colour to henna ;the later one they say dries the hair.But that is not true.Coming back Indigo dye gives off dark blue /black tints and the moment I say that Lush Henna had this component I picked it to my cart.
Product type: Henna /Natural Hair Colour.
Core Concern: Natural Blue /Black Hair Colour.
Price: 1020 Rs for 6 blocks i.e 330 gms.
Its says that the blocks should be broken in a heat proof bowl and mixed to a yoghurt like consistency with hot water and be used.Wrap in a shower cap for deep red tints or just leave for blue /black tints.
My experience:
Yes this product is expensive but the idea of Indigo dye as an ingredient of this henna lured me shell 1020 rupees for this product and has it been a worthwhile buy after using it , ooooooooooooops a BIG NO.Forget about the blue black tints that the product claims to, it didn't even change the greys a tinge !An utter flop.I didn't even oil my hair , if to lay the reason for no colouration.
Even my mom tried the henna ,yet its the same.

Likes: :)
But the product says that its all natural and has exotic INDIGO dye in it.
Ikes: :(
Its is very expensive.
Did not stand up to what the product claims.
For the price it just come in a cling wrap and no instructions or note of how to store.
A complete dud of a product.
Would I recommend this product ? NO
Would I buy this again ?No way
P.S. This review is based on one time use .But does that change anything ?Will use this again next will and update it right here.

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