Monday, February 24, 2014


Just a try and worth a try !Ordered this Konad Aroma Therapy Hand Mask from an on-line store along with my other stuff which I would be reviewing later.This is the first of its kind that I used and am pleased but not too pleased .For extremely dry hands like mine ,they are an O.K product,but people with normal skin might be just so lucky to instantly revive their hands to magical soft ones.
Product Type: Ready to Use Hand Mask.
Core Concern: Ready to use , aroma mask.
Price: 170 Rs for one pair /pack.
This pack claims to instantly moisturise you hand and it does !I used it after scrubbing my hands with Forest Essentials Sea Rose Crystal Scrub , rinsed off , pat dried and put these gloves on .Good thing about these is that you can hold anything , do any work using them unlike other home-made almond pack that I traditionally use to moisturise post my manicures.This one is so easy to use and do a little bit of massage once you wear these aroma pack.
The inside of this thing gloves is moist , I guess with all the essentials , the product claims to have .And indeed its very relaxing.Truly heavenly,especially when you use this post a travel or shopping where your beautiful hands have gone through the grind, you should use this! I felt truly relaxed , moisture wise its great for normal skins.
1.Easy to use works well as a pack and massage treatment.
2.Not an irritating smell.
3.Smooths out skin.
1.Priced High for one pack .
2.Availability is low.
3.Cant think of any.
Would I recommend this to anyone? Yup worth a try.
Would I buy this again? May be until I find another interesting ready to use hand packs.

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