Thursday, February 20, 2014

Jhonson's Baby Oil As Make up Remover

Ever wondered that you could use baby oil to remove the toughest , long lasting make up easily ?Ahh , you don't have to , just give it a try!I once read in FEMINA magazine , well don't remember the issue where in I read of a make up artist( sorry don not remember the make up artist either, my bad) who for a photo shoot of Neena Gupta , applied pan cake like make up and some how dint like and wiped it off with baby oil and she looked great!
It happens with me too , I apply a lot of khol , eye make up and then remove it it look so bright and ""so not done but greatly done look!!""Ofcourse with oil .And what best baby oil then the most trusted brand name that you and I grew up with and the next gen will grow up with and many more to come!Yup,it is
JHONSON'S BABY OIL.Obvious of the fact that anything made for babies is safe and mild an if it is super safe for them , its cool for us too.
INGREDIENTS: Mineral oil , Vitamin E Acetate, Fragrance.
It claims to be mildly perfumed and non staining.
Pour required amount on a cloth tissue ( best ask your mom for and old well used cotton saree(sari) which is baby soft to touch , make small  pieces and use for cleaning ) and wipe make up. Try it and feel the difference.
For those with oily skin you might want to use little splash of cold water after cleansing with baby oil and pat dry.
1.For those who have a dry and sensitive skin, this baby oil is one for you ,it not only clears though waterproof mascara or any make up , I feel it also moisturises .
2. Availability in small quantities make this an easy travel friendly must have in vanity .
3.No parabens.
4.No colour.

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