Thursday, February 20, 2014

Forest Essentials Light Hydrating Hydra Eye Gel Review

Eye Creams, Under eye gels , anything alike , I am a bit apprehensive.I do my bit of research , a bit ....wait a lot of research before I buy !Because the skin around eyes is very fragile ,no fat underneath and thus needs extra care.I once read that heavy creams ought not to be used under eyes.Thus gels are the right kind to be used.And look what I bought its Forest Essentials Light Hydrating Hydra Eye gel.

Product Type: Under eye gel
Product Claims:Lightens dark circles and also fortifies the delicate under eye skin.
Price: 595 Rs. for 15gms.

I once used a eye cream but to see no results and never went back to that section until so long :When I found this eye care hydra gel from FOREST ESSENTIALS.And viola it works .I still have not fully finished using the entire cute little tub ;just half way through and I see good results .The under eye circles ,the fatigued look is kind of fading away.Especially in photographs I look better. Kajal also looks best on me now.
This is a really light cream ,which I use just  before sleeping and particularly after cleaning my face.
You got my verdict ,it works , its light and its paraben free!
1.Really light and fast absorbing gel.
2.Has botanical extracts for the delicate under eye area.
3. Paraben-free.
1.Expensive for 15 gms.
2.Availability is a concern .

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