Thursday, February 20, 2014

Forest Essentials Body Polisher Hydrating Sea Salt Crystal Rose

Forest Essentials is one premium luxury brand in India which you will fall in love with once you use any of their products and there is no stopping you.The smells are so divine and you will especially feel elated when you see the ingredients list ,they are all  natural.As the tag goes Luxurious Ayurveda , all the ingredients used are natural and safe on the skin as far as my experience goes , so the only thing you have to wait is the positve result it has to show.Here I would be reviewing the body polish by FE.
Product Type: Body Polish / Body Scrub.
Product Claim:Ultimate spa skin polish for unrivalled smoothness and dazzling radiance.
Product Price: INR 1750 for 10.5oz./e 300g.

Firstly i have to talk about the packaging , its so luxuriously divine , gold coloured lids amazingly simple illustrations are sure catch your attention and have to talk about the smell , Gosh its so amazing , its divine.This body polisher would be your perfect mate for those lazy sunday pampering mornings!
You will fall in love with you all over again which is very important.
Life and it unruly ways take you away from your own-self and little things like this , lighten your moods and slowly become an infallible part of your life.Smells do a lot to your neurotransmitters!!!
As per the contents in the box there are two containers , on a jar with the body polish and the other bottle which contains THE DIVINE flower infused oil.Since its a salt scrub oil is absorbed pretty quickly so there is this extra oil bottle that comes along with the package to be mixed with the salt scrub later when it tends to dry up.
This oil based scrub works has this beautiful rose smell which lingers on your skin for long and the bathroom too.
As far as the scrub is concerned it polishes skin well and buffs it smooth.
1.Superb smell
2. Ayurvedic formulations
3.No preservatives
Would I recommend this to anyone? Yes
Would I buy this again? May be yes , but I will try another scrub from FE

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