Thursday, February 20, 2014

CLINIQUE dramatically different moisturising lotion Review

Lotions ,potions ,those magical creams ,am always trying!This time it was the'' "'Genius"'which Clinique sells every 3.5 Seconds".I was flabbergasted and immediately got one.According to Clinique my skin is Very Dry to Dry Combination Skin  and this moisturiser is the STEP 3 product.Among what Clinique suggests for a healthy skin.Step 1 to cleanse , Step 2 to Exfoliate and step 3 to moisturise.
Though I did not try the entire range because I am in love with my other face cleanser which I have  and do not want to experiment with it until some time.
Product Type :Facial Moisturiser
Core Concern: Dry to Very Dry Skin Moisturiser
My first thoughts with this product was a very positive one but as I started using this product , I realised it was not one for my kind of skin which is very thirsty for a moisturiser.It may be good for those who develop dry skin with onset of winters .Certainly not for me who vouches by a cream even in humid summers as in India.Generally another put off for me is as I apply it does not give me a natural glow as it does with other moisturisers but what I can positively boast about this cream is it feel light and gives me a feeling that it seals the inherent moisture skin has.
There is also a gel version of this moisturiser for oily skin.
1.Feels light and absorbed by the skin easily.
2.No strong fragrance.
3.Seals in inherent moisture the skin has.
1.Personally not satisfying for an extreme dry Skinner like me
Would I buy this again ? Don't think so .
Would I recommend this to anyone ?YES for normal skinned people it would be a great product.

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