Thursday, February 20, 2014


I love it , I love it !!I so prefer eyeliners to eyeshadows , there are super easy to use and super quick!And this buy from Bourjois Paris is no less.No expertise whatsoever is required when you want create magic with eyeliners and eyepencils, while eyeshadows need a wee bit of understanding colour and technique!
This one help you create a minimalistic smokey look easy with one single pencil.How read on! How good does the colour hold, worth the price? Read on ....
Product type: Eyeliner
Product Claim: Smokey effect Eyeliner
Product Price: INR 385
Product looks:
1.Sturdy Pencil
2.It has pencil on one end and an amazing brush on the other end.
3.This has two step instructions of how yo use the product on the pencil.
4.The liner is cased in wood and needs to be sharpened as and when needed
Product Review:
I adore this  , simple adore !The line is creamy , blends well when you try to smudge it with the brush.Gives a nice satiny , smokey look .But my only concern would be the staying power .Otherwise this is oh so yumm product!
To use:
Just line thick and smudge with the brush and if you want to create a better look , just line with the same pencil post smudging , tada you get the look !Also apply khol on the upper lash line , a thing line kajal on water line, mascara and your are great to go.To add a little more flirtatious look , add the line to your lowerlash line too.Since this is an gorgeous purple it makes you look young and fresh!

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