Thursday, February 20, 2014


French manicure , I have always been a great great fan of french manicure.After a lot of trail and error for it , failing every time , be it nail polishes or the french tip guides, nothing worked right for me until Bourjois French Manucure happened to me , and I must say even the salon trip is futile when you ave this kit!Just as it says ""A Salon worthy French Manicure for beginners"".
I never thought it would be so easy , I tried stamping plates , tries guides , tried my own precision with patience ,nothing worked good for me!
But this kit is something that everyone ought to have , a quintessential for those lovely looking saloon kind of nails!Helps you get the look on the go.

Product Type: Nails
Product Claim: French Manicure Saloon ready nails
Product Price: 810 INR.
The kit comes with three bottles of polish 10 ml each.It contains
1. Blanc Glamour 91/ Glamorous white nail polish for the white tips.
2. Rose Lounge 28/ An ultra shine nail polish.
3. Fixant Brilliant Gloss-set as the top coat.
One major plus point is that the white nail polish has it brush shaped in an arc which makes it dam easy to apply the white tip with precision and that too with ease.Just two swipes and you have the perfect white ,shaped tips.
My Take:
I love they way these polishes glide , of course the fan brush is fabulous.The rose lounge base coat gives the nails a completely sophisticated look .All in all this kit is the best to pick if you want those glossy beautiful french nails.
1.The fan shaped whit polish brush.
2.Good quantity.Great quality.
3.Easy to use kit.
4.No hassles.
1.Cant think of any!
Would I recommend this to anyone? Definitely hands down yes!
Would I buy this again?Yeeessss as soon as I am done with the present one.

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