Thursday, February 20, 2014


Goood evening beautiful damsels !Today I am super excited about this product ..seriously super excited and you will be too.Reviewing for such a product is fun for all of us and on top of it this product is so unique that I must say it will enthrall you as well.BENEFIT FINE ONE ONE is a unique beauty product that one must accolade for its design and ease of use.Its has multipurpose use , can be used as a cheek and lip tint.And apart from this it helps in sculpting too.Read on to know more.
Product Type:Cheek and Lip tint.
Product Price: Its a gift.!
Product Claim:This sheer brightening cheek and lip trio -pink champagne,sheer watermelon and soft coral -blend together perfectly to give your look instant LIFT, SHAPE and POP.Bring on beautiful cheeks and lips!

Personal view on this product of BENEFIT FINE ONE ONE
Firstly I must frankly say I fell for the cute chick case and the innovative packaging of three colors to be used in one swipe , to highlight , as blush and to lift.It is a retractable type of product in an oval case ,and must tell you its ergonomical design is worth talking about.
The three colour are Champagne _Highlighter , it a golden highlighter with very very little tinge of pink.
                               Sheer Watermelon _The Blush,It a pink -pink blush colour which occupies more area while you swipe than the highlighter.
                               Soft Coral _Sculpts and Lifts.It a coral colour which covers a little over higlighter and little less than the blush.
As you glide the product from the nose side towards the temple across your cheeks, the highlighter falls in place , the blush and the soft coral too.Once applies simple blend with fingers , since this being a cream based product blending is super easy with fingers and needs no expert fingers to blend.This dones a multipurorpose use apart for the cheeks its perfect for your pout too.Rich creamy texture give full coverage to lips as well ,making them look fuller with colour.
1.Travel friends great for touch ups and for girls on the move , its a must have.
2.Blends easily , needs not expertise.Trick leaflet included with the packaging.
3. Ergonomical design and colors to match any skin tone.
4.Glides easily transferring each colour perfectly on the cheeks
5.Higlighter , blush , lip stain and more: in one product.
6.Great for dry skin.
1.None what so ever.
Would I buy this gain ?YESSS
Would I recommend this to  anyone?bang on YES

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