Thursday, February 20, 2014


Admit it , solve it.Admit you have grey , and solve it with the best colour in the market.Just not the colour , but it important its , safe, its important it suits you more than , a big celebrity endorsing for a brand.
I love black coloured hair .Yup I am a big no -no kind of girl who cannot take risk .Because I do not want to end up with a few strands on my head when am into my fifftes , though its going to take a long time.I generally use henna to cover them , but occasionally i need them to turn black for those marriage occasions, but not that "dye type "of black, the natural shiny black ,so found Banjaras Black Henna to be the best for my hair.
Product Type: Black Henna
Product Claim:
Price: 75 INR for 60 gm (=20 gms *3 sachets)
Banjaras Black Henna have natural ingredients apart from the one component called Paraphenylenediamine that which helps the hair get the black colour( This component get oxidised thus giving the black colour).I have Googled about the significant risks of this chemical component and to my understanding it does pose risks and does not pose risks :Because there are no consistent reports or studies to prove its adverse effects on human beings upon using.
But this Black Henna suited me so well , I did not find any hair fall and also this product just needs to be mixed with plain room temperature water and just 15-20 minutes on hair .Does not colour the skin and also gives my hair a natural shine that you cant generally expect out of a black henna or black hair dye.
1.No hair fall problems.
2.Gives a healthy shine to hair.
3.Price is economical.
4.Colours my greys very well.
5.Colour stays put for a long time.
1.Once a sachet is opened , use immediately .
Would I recommend this to anyone?YES if you have greys and crave healthy shiny hair YES YES
Would I buy this again ? Definitely.


  1. I have grey hair since my school days, but scared of using chemical dye. Had used this for first time and believe it's good compared to other products in market.


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