Friday, January 24, 2014

Cabbage Kofta Curry

The other day it was my hubby's birthday and he loves food !And of course I thought why not make him happy with something new and yummy to eat.As the adage goes "A way to mans heart is through his stomach ".He loves north Indian cuisine so a little gravy is a must for his choice.So here in this post it's about Cabbage Kofta Curry that is best served and enjoyed with Rotis /Phulkas/Chapatis.This is easy peasy to make and the dry kofta balls can also be savoured as evening snack or rather a starter.As cabbage is easily available , this recipes will be your hands -on curry if you have many guests at home.A chopper will make your life easy , because chopping cabbage finely with a knife would be wee bit a daunting task.
Preparation Time :30 min
Serves: Serves 6
List of Ingredients: FOR KOFTA
1.Finely Chopped Cabbage : Half a medium size cabbage (3 cups tightly packed)
2.Ginger: 2 inches
3.Garlic cloves :10
4.Green Chillies:5
5.Rice Flour :3 table spoons
6.Maida: 3 table spoons
7.Cornflour :3 table spoons
8.A little less than ,Salt to taste
9.Garam Masala about 3 pinches.
10.Oil to deep fry
  • In  chopper put chunks of cabbage , ginger , garlic, green chillies and finely chop .
  • Now mix in the rice flour , maida . cornflour,salt and garam masala and mix well with you hand.
  • Make small kofta balls and keep aside.
  • While you begin to make the kofta balls keep you frying pan ready with oil and lit the stove on a low flame  , so that by the time you start frying the oil is hot enough to fry the koftas.
  • Fry on a medium flame until golden brown only and let them sit on paper napkins so that the extra oil is absorbed. Now the gravy part.
    Cabbage Koftas post frying
    Cabbage Koftas post frying
    Cabbage Koftas
    Cabbage Koftas
List of Ingredients :FOR GRAVY
1.Onions: 4 Big sized
2.Tomatoes: 3 Big sized
3.Star Anise:1
5.Cardamom :2
6.Cinnamon : 1 inch
7.Salt to taste
8.Red chilli powder to taste
9.Ginger Garlic paste :1 teaspoon
10.Cumin : 1 teaspoon
  • To a mixer grinder add big cut pieces of onion and tomatoes, and rest of all the ingredients except cumin and grind to paste.
  • Now add about 7 table spoons of oil , heat it and add cumin to it , as they flutter ,pour in the gravy paste carefully .
  • Mix well and keep it on a medium flame until the gravy leaves oil on the sides of the pan.
  • Cook until the raw smell goes off and the gravy changes its  colour to a golden brown.
  • Add wee bit of water  and a pinch of garam masala to get the gravy to an eatable consistency and cook for 3 more minutes .
  • Just before you put the stove off ,add the kofta balls and take the it into a serving bowl .
  • Garnish with fried curry leaves.Ready to eat.
Sorry the finished picture is not available , I was busy with the  surprise thing and then we ate it all.

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