Friday, May 24, 2013

What to do when your baby cries?

Last night my baby had a very disturbed sleep.He was crying and crying .I checked his shirt , his diaper , ears , everything was fine , so ruled out the exterior factors that might cause him to cry .Next as usual I use a anti colic syrup.I only use homoeopathic colic aid syrup for my baby since it has no side effects(the one I use is Brauer Colic relief.Generally this instantly helps my baby's irritability and he sleeps happily.)But yesterday night it just did not happen so .Even this did not work , he was intermittently crying and I was so worried as to what was causing him that pain .
Then my father had his memory flash of using his granny's medicine!Viola it worked.And what was that ?
Putting a wee bit of the lump form of asafoetida( an Indian spice commonly found in Indian kitchens, used in minute quantity in most food preparations.) in his belly button and then on he slept blissfully.

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