Tuesday, January 31, 2017

Himalaya MOM's Soothing Body Butter Lavender.

Its been a long time since my last post and yes I have been busy with "motherhood".Its a baby girl this time and super happy to have this bundle of joy in our family. My husband badly wanted a girl this time, and yes God did hear to him , made his wish come true. And as its my second pregnancy, I was more keen on products that help firming and toning of skin.With my exploration of the web for massage oil that help me, I stumbled on this Himalaya body butter for moms.,It really caught me and with winter surprisingly lasting little  longer than usual in this part of the world, Visakhaptnam, I needed some body butter to help my dry skin. With no second thoughts I picked this up from my local Himalaya store. There is also Rose fragrance in this line of Body butter,but lavender lured me.

Product type:Body Butter
Product price: 320 INR

My review of the "Himalaya MOM's Soothing  Body Butter Lavender."

This body butter comes in various sizes though I got it in 200 ml jar.You can opt for smaller sizes too.
Packaging is usual in a plastic jar, withe screw cap.I have been using this for the past one week and its is really good. It has a really mild , soothing lavender smell and helps relax once your out from shower.Somehow post delivery skin has become really dry and this body butter really help to smooth the skin and hydrate it well. Though if you have very dry skin , this might not really do the job.
Since this is good quantity , this will last me long !
The good news is this is without parabens, Oh! My little one is crying , I'll be back soon with another post, lots of review lined up !!
See you soon

Do comment whats your go to product as a new mom ?

Monday, October 17, 2016

Lakme Iluminating shimmer bricks -PINK

Hi , its been a really long time since my last post as I haven't  been keeping well ! So here comes a refreshing new product by Lakme which is sure to thrill you! The moment I saw this I knew I had to get it !
I was actually looking for the Moon lit highlighter by Lakme to be back in stock when I stumbled on this product ! I can vouch for the make up line by Lakme as they specifically suit the Indian skins and features ! Be it their kohl, liners, highlighter, eye quads, one can never go wrong with these.
Today am I going to review Iluminating shimmer brick by Lakme in the shaded Pink, which is a blush pallete. Also there is this print on the box which says LIMITED Sabyasachi Edition., but not too sure how the availability will fair in future.

Product Type:Blush Platte /Highlighter
Product Price: Bought for 725 INR (Can buy here here.)
My skin tone : NC 41-42

My Review of the product :

This blush pallet is a new launch of the illuminating range.Comes in a cute black round pallet , typical of the LAKME Absolute range with a see trough lid.This doesn't come with its own brush or anything of that sort ;which I do not see as a shortcoming as none would really use a brush that ever., in case comes with these.There are two shades in this range under the name PINK and CORAL .Here I have reviewed the blush palette in PINK.

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There are a combination of four different colours in this blush palette with a very nice golden sheen to the colours. Pallet includes a shimmery pink , a goldeny beige creme colour , a nice golden brown and a iridescent baby pink colour , perfect for Indian skins and doesn't look loaded when used together or individually.

Swirl together for a beautiful blush of colour or individually. I have used them individually to give a contoured look, for which I used the third brown colour from top.,as contour on my cheeks , first pink on my cheeks and the fourth iridescent colour as highlighter and the second colour from top as brow highlighter and wow worked so well.

This one is a must have if you are beginner or a pro, so well suits Asian /Indian skin tones, that no one can go wrong with this one.Perfect for this festive season.

Do you have this in your kitty ? Please leave your thoughts in the comment section below....x0x0

Friday, May 20, 2016

LAKME Iluminating lip shimmer in Rose gold dust

Who wouldn't want a  full pout of beautiful iridescent colour?  Yes I am talking about the new illuminating lip shimmer range by Lakme. The illuminating range was recently launched with two eye shadow palette,  eye liners and lip shimmer lipsticks. Lakme's range have always flattered Indian skin tones and they always helped me look effortlessly beautiful! 
The illuminating lip shimmer range has a beautiful colours that flatter each ones fantasy; from reds,to pinks and pale orange, you get it all!! These have a hit of substantial sparkle with iridescent colours and hug you lips for a good pay off of the colour. I am personally in love with the shade 'rose gold dust' and today I am going to review about it.

This particular colour would go with all Indian dresses, be it sarees, lehangas or Dreses,  must say you'll look over the top!

Product Price: 700 Rs. (you can Buy here )
Product category: Lipstick

Lakme illuminating Lip shimmer in 'rose gold dust ' review.

It's beautifully packed in charcoal black outer casing. Looks sleek,  yet sturdy too!
The twist mechanism has much hold!
Coming to the colour,this lip shimmer in  rose gold dust is a beautiful classic Indian rose colour with loads of iridescent shimmers to really brighten up your pout making them perfect, party ready in just a swipe. Though one might think the lip stick can get gritty because of the shimmer, it's actually not!  It beautifully glides over lips and hugs it effortlessly. Lasts long for a 'no touch up ' required happy wala party!!
You sure want to grab one of these and for what I have been seeing the product profile of Lakme since my teens,  it has never  launched a Lipstick like this!! Lip shimmers, go for it!

Will I buy this again?  yes eyeing other colours!!

Would I recommend this product? Yes and this particular shade of ' Rose gold dust'

Monday, December 14, 2015


Hi all , it has been super hectic on my end with a small medical emergency., things are alright now and I am back to review some of the best body cleansers aka soaps from PATANJALI , which is now treading across the globe, their products are now much in demand for their authentic ayurvedic preparations.Many a shops of them have mushroomed in my city making availability much easy.Hence for me its just a 5 min walk to their store to get some of the best and economical products ever.
Here in this post I am writing about three of the best body cleansers of PATANJAlI which I totally adore.I have used them many a times and hence compiling my favourites. Do read you might just have the soap you always wanted to in your kitty.My three favourite soaps are ,

1) Multani mitti Body Cleanser (Full Review here...)
2) Mogra body Cleanser( Glycerine soap)
3) Panchgavya kanti Body Cleanser

My three favourite soaps, from L-R* Multani-Mitti, Mogra, Panchgavya kanti
 Multani mitti Body Cleanser: This soap below has a divine scent and also one side of the soap has a wee bit of a rough end which also aids in ex-foliating, lathers quite well and cleanses the body amazingly ,Its is said that Multani mitti ( Fullers earth ) has the capability of remove blemishes, marksof the skin and improves texture of the skin so instead of using packs once in a month , make this soap a part of your daily showrr routine and viola , you skin is magically gorgeous!!My years of experience.

Multani-mitti Soap with ingredients list
Mogra Body Cleanser: 
Some facts about Mogra flower: Mogra is nothing but Jasmine in English (which is also the national flower of the Philippines) These flowers are made into garland and in India they are used to adorn Gods and also women folk love to adorn their hair with these flowers and staple of most Indian Gardens! houses

This soap is Glycerine based and perfect for winters, looks stunning in apple green and smells out of this world, so totally divine, more like a luxury soap and lingers on the skin.Skin is evidently smooth and great for dry skin.Must say its must try!!
Mogra Body Cleanser

Panchgavya Body Cleanser: This soap smells like its straight out of heaven and its so cheap @ just 13 INR for 75 gms is great deal for the kind of skin and smell you get. If you can go through the ingredients list , all of them are really good for our skin.this doesn't dry my skin at all.

Monday, November 2, 2015


Hello all, I was making this gorgeous lush green coriander chutney today and I had to share it with you.And its super easy to make and its loaded with goodness.All right not wasting your time, here is the list of ingredients you need to make this yummy chutney.You kids will certainly love this and since this has jaggery it good for kids as its fortified with Iron. As this has no oil or heating all the nutrients of the ingredients are intact.The colour is pretty attractive and a good chutney for cranky kids.Happy Cooking!


Time taken: 7-10 minutes

1.Two bunches of coriander
2.About one or two dates.(Rich in vitamins, iron etc.,)
3.About one small lemon sized jaggery.(Rich in Iron)
4.2-3 green chillies
5.Salt to taste
In this picture: Two bunches ( Local Indian size)

In this picture: Jaggery and Chillies

In this picture: Coriander and Dates 

1.Clean and cut coriander bunches.Slit green chillies.
2.In a mixer grinder put coriander , green chillies, dates, jaggery and salt and mix them until paste.
3.Serve in a bowl. Adjust jaggery quantity depending on your liking.Tada its all done !!!Yes very simple.

Please try and let me know how you like it !!We love it at our home!!

P.S; Will update the tangy version too!!

Wednesday, April 2, 2014


AVON ,its no new name to us,yeah its popular all over the world and yes I am a consultant too.I love being one.This is one amazing brand of direct selling.I love a lot of products by them.But here in this post I would be discussing about their economical line of products called the "Simply Pretty".And most popular are the two lip products/lip sticks that stand more worth to me for the price.Of the amazing line of colours ,I loved these two instantaneously.Read on to know more about the two cuties.
Product Type:Lipstick
Product: AVON SIMPLY PRETTY in Truffle and Amethyst
Product Price: 2 for 249 INR.

Review of Avon Simply Pretty in Truffle and Amethyst @ Tickled Tinker.

I never thought these would be so good for the price.But these are par excellent.These come in violet plastic casing just like any twist up lipstick.Yeah look pretty in your stash too, who does not want a little colour in their life.Ok that apart the lipstick works smoothly on lips and one swipe is pretty good for descent pay off of the colour .For a bit more intense colour you might want to do two more swipes.It has no bright odd glitter but a good right kind of sheen brought by micro glitter.Stays pretty long,long enough until your done with your party!!

This is a peachy orange colour that brightens the face.This is a super good colour for fair to medium to medium deep skin tones.

Have you seen the natural stone Amethyst and its myriad colours?? Yup you will certainly find this shade.
Another beautiful purplish pink great for most Indian skin tones.

1.Great colour pay off.
2.Easy on the purse.
3.Long stay.

Naah none.

Would I recommend this product to anyone? YES YES
Would I buy this again? Truffle ,yes yes